Removable Pool Fence Systems


The best swimming pool safety solution for your 

home or rental villa.. 


Keeping little ones, holiday makers, guests and

pets safe - all year round..


We are the specialists in vinyl, mesh, temporary,

rollaway removable pool safety systems, garden fences and barriers.


From €34.95  per linear metre plus delivery costs.  We Ship Worldwide to your Door!

(Supply Only)


Costs, Prices for Our Removable Fence Range;



Generally removable, roll away, mesh safety fencing can cost up to €100 plus IVA per linear metre installed;

Self closing gates can be as much as €550 plus IVA per gate.




Our pool fence is fully compliant with Afnor NFP90306 and costs from

€59,95 plus IVA (Black or Green Mesh)  plus IVA supplied installed per linear metre, with gates priced at €450 plus IVA installed.


Supply only fences from €34,95 incl. IVA per linear metre and gates €449 incl. IVA plus delivery - when purchased online.


All gates are equipped with Magna Safety Latches and Tru-close Hinges

NB - For most projects we recommend the installation of 2 x semi rigid 25cm width matching panels to sit either side of gate for ultimate integrity.  

Fence Specifications

Pole Diameter


30 mm offers higher resistance; perfect for communities, urbanisaations and general public areas. 


16 mm allows for an easy installation;  ideal for homes, rental apartments and villas

Strong and transparent, made of PVC polyester consists of modules with connection points, can be fastened to the ground and detached easily.Installation 1 m distance from the pool edge (safe minimum)





Lengths;  Available in modular lengths -  1-13 meter sections,


Height; 1.22 m. Aluminium posts are securely fastened to the net and installed 1m apart for excellent tension.


Resistance of Net; resistance 3 Tons/m². Net with anti UV treatment. Reinforced posts for bad weather conditions.


Aesthetics; Can be erected and taken down in a few minutes, partially or totally. There are no pegs in the ground and all the holes are protected with "deck caps" Excellent resistance to ageing and wear and tear.  Available in Green, Black, Chocolate, White or Anthracite Mesh.



Gate Specifications


Latch: The only latch we use is MAGNA LATCH. It operates magnetically and is key lockable. Communities and Urbanisations for collective use should be equipped with a self-closing gate.


Aluminium frame with lacquer coating. This gate is self closing and is key lockable.  It has the added advantage of being removable and it is firmly anchored to the ground to ensure tension is not lost and your children´s safety is not compromised. 


Overall width- 1030mm, Height - 1235 mm, Support Posts- 40 mm x 30 mm Fixed to the ground (removable) on base plate or see our new "Easy Movable Gate" in the picture above.


Hinges: The same company that produce the MAGNA LATCH also manufacture TRU-CLOSE hinges. These hinges are tension adjustable and are constructed with stainless steel springs.


Manual closing: Systems can be supplied with a manual closing opening which is only suitable for private pools. An inox proof hook is mounted at the end of each section.  This fixing between each panel allows access to the pool. 



Solves the problems of tension near the self closing gate into right angles or for circular installations 25 cm into right angles or 50cm for circular installations


Supply & Installation from €59,95* per linear metre for fence & €450 for gate + IVA  + delivery (*For projects in excess of 32 linear metres of fence)


Advasol - the key to your successful pool safety projects!




We will install quickly and efficiently.

Upon completion we will provide you with a safety certificate and warranty. 


Fence Plan;

Following a site visit, we will design your custom fence and accompany with a plan of the proposed fence perimeter.  We endeavour to establish the most cost effective, but importantly the safest route.


Installations into grassed areas or porcelain tile surrounds;


Installation in to grass, lawn areas*; 

We construct solid, neat foundations to ensure integrity, strength and longevity. We do not recommend the use of dirt spikes when installing into grass. *Small additional cost applies.

Do not worry, the grass will grow over the foundations, but you/your Gardener simply needs to be aware that the 16mm hole is there and know to keep it clear.. we´ll happily advise maintenance guidelines..


SPECIALIST Porcelain (Porcelánico) Tiles;*

A diamond cutter is used to ensure porcelain tiles are not chipped or broken - *small extra charge..


Basic Installations;

Installations into marmolina, coping stones, slabs, patio, terrace, porcelain tiles, astro turf or solid pool edging.

Installations into the above are very straight forward allowing a very neat and level finish - in some cases it is worth considering the extension to your marmolina/coping stones/terrace/patio etc to ensure that the fence can be installed at a safe 1.0 linear metres from the edge of the pool. (required for community pools) 


DIY from €34,95 per linear metre for fence & €449 for gate INCL. IVA
PLUS Delivery charge to Europe, UK & Rest of World. 
Please enquire as to delivery charge for your region.
Feeling "Handy"?
Why not plan and install your own pool fence?



Click here to download our planning and installation guide.


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any help when planning your pool fence.




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