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Pool Regulations


It makes sense to equip your pool with pool fencing; Enjoy your pool with total peace of mind.

If you are a community with over 20 dwellings it´s the law along with a raft of additional requirements relating to water quality and other safety measures.

Under Spanish law if the unthinkable did happen, you as the owner of a rental property or President of a community would be liable.  A full investigation would take place to establish the circumstances and the percentage of liability you carry as the pool owner.

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Andalucia Pool Laws

An outline of pool safety requirements in Andalucia for communities and urbanisations.. Read more...

You have to do it!  Urbs and Commnunity pools now required to comply otherwisse fines
Pool Safety in Communities

How safe is your Community pool?


Does your Community pool comply with the current regulations for health and safety ?.. Read more...

Pool Safety for Holiday Rentals

Planning a holiday?

Own a rental villa or apartment?


How safe is your Villa or Resort pool? 

Pool Safety at Home

Children are naturally drawn to water.


It takes less than 2 minutes for a child to drown. 

You only need turn your back for a moment for a tragedy to occur... Read more


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