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Traditional Hooped-Top

Pool Safety Barrier



Bespoke classic, hooped top garden or pool barrier, traditional and timeless crafted from 8mm round steel bar.

Self closing gates can be equipped with Magna latches and Tru-close hinges for the ultimate safety barrier.

Elegant & Superbly Crafted Steel Pool Safety Fencing


Compliant with AFNOR standard NF P90-306

Classic and timeless, our steel pool guard systems provides an alternative to glass, ensuring  your fence

is in-keeping with your home or community. 

Bespoke and constructed using 8mm round steel bar.


This design makes the fence seem to almost disappear into the background, particularly if you choose

a colour that matches existing railings or steelwork.


Featuring a classic design, with the uprights 'finished' with a traditional hooped top;



Available in a range of colours. Each system is engineered by ourselves and carfeully designed to

ensure a seamless and neat installation. 


Can be finished in standard paint finish, Hammerite or Powder Coated for easy and low cost maintenance.

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