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Pool Regulations, Andalucia, Spain

- an overview



Swimming Pool Safety Law in Spain - Pool Regulations

Pool Safety Compliance

Andalucia; Malaga y Cadiz


Presently, should a drowning occur in a pool within an urbanisation or community, fines may be issued of up to 600,000 euros and the pool closed for up to 5 years.

Additionally, the President (responsible for safety compliance) could be personally sued by the family of the victim.


Insurance may be invalidated

(Please check with your legal advisor as to the current pool safety rulings within your region as from experience, we know this can differ marginally by locality)


Additionally, there are currently no laws in place that state a rental villa or private pool should be fenced - however we expect Spain to follow the French standard in the future in that all pools for residential or public use shall be protected.  Please see the Mapfre Insurance posting showing a study undertaken by the Junta de Andalucia.



Pool Regulations


Basic outline of pool safety procedures, guidelines and rulings..

Communities, Urbanizations & Multi Occupancy dwellings


Spanish Law governing pool fencing around communal pools is now in force and it is highly likely that comparative laws will soon be put in place with regard to private pools to ensure compliance to health and safety regulations for all swimming pools. 

The law governing health and safety for communal pools has actually been in place since 1999 with amendments in 2003/2004 and 2009/2010/2011.

Please note;  Exact legislation can differ depending on your autonomous community, province and municipality however, the basic understanding is that your community pool should address the following measures ;

Outdoor Pool Safety Points for consideration.. Download pdf..





Pool Health & Safety Laws for Spain
Mapfre Insurance
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Pool Balustrade Styles


In December 2002 the French government passed the Raffarin Law. This regulates the safety of 'inground' swimming pools.

The law was introduced to help reduce the number of deaths by drowning, particularly of under fives. Download pdf


The new regulations have been in force in France since May 2004 and apply to all privately owned buried or partially buried swimming pools.

This includes those at private rental properties as well as in communities.  

In Spain, there are currently no laws in place that state a privately owned pool should be fenced;  however in our view it is imperative that pool owners adopt safty measures as a top priority to help keep little ones and guests safe.



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The Raffarin Law in France

Download the General Health & Safety document

In Spanish


In English  (Basic translation of SUA 6)


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