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ADVASOL brings to you a fantastic new idea to easily and affordably convert your outdoor pool for year round use!


Want to Swim Year Round?

Now You Can With Our Brand New


Transparent, Inflatable, Removable, Reduces Debris & Maximises Your Pool Investment Enjoying Your Pool Everyday!


Make a SPLASH THIS YEAR! Enjoy Your Pool 365 days per year!

Here's how our Cristal Pool Domes Work and Why You Should Consider Buying a Swimming Pool Dome for Your Outdoor Pool...

Why Should I Buy One and How does it Work?




The innovative swimming pool cover, enclosure, dome for your outdoor pool! 

Transform your outdoor pool into a sociable, comfortable living area and enjoy the benefits of an indoor pool outside!


Useful and practical, our inflatable pool enclosures makes your pool available 365 days a year, for friends, family and little ones to enjoy!


Never worry again about low outdoor temperatures, chilly breezes or inclement weather.


CristalBall pool domes are the ideal, cost-effective solution to make the most of your pool and and your investment here in Spain or indeed anywhere in the world!


Masonary or construction works are not required for the installation and therefore the dome can be installed without the need to acquire authorisations or permits from the Town Hall /Ayuntamiento.

The PVC dome will reduce debris and create a totally new protected outdoor space for your friends, family and little ones to enjoy.  

Depending on the size of dome you choose, loungers, chairs, dining areas can be accommodated (space allowing) to provide a comfortable environment for all-day and nightime relaxation and fun!  The height of the dome is 2.9 metres so the feeling of space is easily achieved with a feel of sitting in your outdoor conservatory with the pool within steps!

You will be able to dive whenever you feel like itTake breakfast, lunch or dinner around your pool when you wish. 

Electricity can be provided in a anumber of ways; either permanently fed or from an extension with the appropriate safety devices.


Easily erected and taken down; All you need to do is activate the included electric blower and in just a few minutes, your pool will be ready to use creating a relaxing leisure area at your disposal!

The dome can be deflated easily when you do not require it and it will sit and rest on the water surface and double as a protective pool blanket to protect against leaves, debris, airborne particles etc!

Our domes are suitable for both inground and above ground pools.

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