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Swimming Pool Heaters, Spain


Advasol offer quality units manufactured using the very latest technology ensuring our systems are the most efficient and energy saving on the market.  A  suitable pool cover is essential, whether a solar "bubble" cover (economical) or a more high-end automatic cover.  


We only sell quality units and  are always on the look-out for machines which are the most up-to-date, green and efficient and will save you money on daily pool heating costs.  

Air source heat pumps derive heat from the air, so they are ideal if you wish to swim year round in Spain and make maximum use of your pool.  They generate free energy from the heat derived from the atmosphere , which means they produce up to 80% of the electricity  required free of charge - making a great saving on pool heating costs year round.


Installing a pool heating system will ensure you maximise the benefit of owning a pool.  If you rent your property as a holiday let/rental, we have found many of our clients have increased winter bookings dramatically by offering pool heating option to their guests.


Determining Swimming Pool Heater Efficiency by the method of COP- Air Source Heat Pumps


The energy efficiency of heat pump swimming pool heaters is measured by "coefficient of performance" otherwise known as (COP) so, in short, a heat pump will operate at a higher COP when the outside air temperature is higher.  For example;  one of our units can operate at a COP of up to 15.2 kW per hour.  This means that when the water / air temperatures is at 26 degrees centigrade, for every 1kW per hour is consumes from the mains electricity, it will produce up to 14.2kW per hour completely free of charge.  Most heat pumps for pool heating operate at a COP of 8 in conditions as describe in the example air/water temperatures above.


This makes your pool heater extremely efficient to run, being only from €1 per day to heat your pool (depending on costs from your supplier per kW hour, pool size, wind, rain etc)


Please contact us for more information and prices on supply / installation or supply only for our most efficient heat pumps.

Systems supplied and installed from just €1995 plus IVA plus delivery excludes installation.

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