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Solar Hot Water



During the last 5 years, the cost of electricity has risen sharply in Spain with further increases expected in 2016.


See eyeonspain for further information with regard to these increased costs,  (In English)


Not only will the cost of energy continue to escalate, but building codes passed by the Spanish Government in October 2008 state;-


“Solar energy is now compulsory for all new and renovated buildings as part of the Spain’s efforts to bring building rules up to date and curb the growing demand for energy” 



So How Does a Solar Hot Water System Work?


There are two types of Solar Hot Water Systems;

A "compact" (Highline) system with the tank and solar panels on your roof or a "split system" with the tank located on the ground and solar panels installed on a roof.  


If your home’s structure is unsuitable for traditional solar panels, consider a heat pump. 

Solar Hot Water System, installed from €1995, Estepona, Marbella, Mijas, Sotogrande, Calahonda, split systems, compact systems, 150 litre tanks, 200 litre tanks

Why Solar Hot Water? 


  • Reduces energy bills by up to 70%. 

  • Your typical return on investment (ROI) will be around 23% per annum.

  • Avoid spiralling energy costs now, and in the future.

  • Be independent of ‘non-negotiable’ energy utility providers. 

  • In addition to domestic hot water, you can integrate your system to heat your home using radiators or under floor heating

  • A Solar Water System will increase the value and saleability of your home or business.

Compact / Highline




+ IVA installed

Split Systems Supplied and Installed from

€3250 + IVA*

Split Solar Hot Water Systems


Streamline split solar hot water systems offer greater flexibility when it comes to location.


The units come in two parts: the roof-mounted solar collectors, which must in a southerly direction and the ground-level storage tank. When utilising a split system, the water is circulated from the ground level tank through the solar collectors courtesy of the electric pump, or circulator.


Once the water has absorbed heat via the solar collectors it is returned to the tank.








Compact Solar Hot Water Systems


Compact solar hot water systems can be incorporated into your existing hot water system. This type of system requires no circulation pump, no electronic controller, temperature sensors or replacement tank.


The water circulates between the tank and the solar panel due to the differences in water temperature.  The tank can be connected to an electric immersion heater to supplement the solar in winter and also be installed as a pre-heating system to a conventional boiler.








Compact Systems Supplied and Installed from

€2495 + IVA*


* Installation Charges

Installation requirements can vary greatly; the above relates  to a standard installation. We will carry out a FREE Pre-Installation Survey after which you will be provided with a firm written quotation with the full cost of installing your system.


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