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Pool Safety, Holiday Rentals


As a pool owner, it is essential to provide a safe environment for your little ones, your visitors or those renting your villa. 


Many families now book villas because the pool is safe and child-friendly.

Fence systems can be removable or static and constructed from mesh, glass, plexiglass or steel. We have a wide range of pool fencing styles from €34,95 plus IVA per linear metre supplied.



Current Legislation in Andalucia

As a pool owner, it is your responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for people who have access to your pool área.

Current laws and rulings in Spain only apply to pools for collective use (communities and urbansiations) at present  but  may encompass villa rentals etc.. (dependent on your province, or municipality) 


In Australia, parts of the US and France, the laws  governing private pools insist that, any pool, be it private or commercial should erect a pool fence.


We have recently learned that if you rent your property out in Spain, in some cases insurance companies will not insure again pool accidents if the pool is not equipped with a pool fence or cover. 

You should check with your insurance company.


pool fences for rental villas spain sotogrande €50 per day

"almost half of the people who now rent the Villa choose ours because of the Security Fence around the pool"


Becky Kirkwood
Villa Owner, Estepona
pool fences for rental villas spain Marbella €50 per day
pool fences for rental villas spain  Mijas €50 per day
pool fences for rental villas spain €50 per day

Case Studies -

Why installing a pool fence should be viewed as an investment but most importantly, as a life saver...


It's a fact that pool safety is a key decider when families choose to rent holiday apartments or villas.

Installing a pool safety barrier could dramatically increase  your bookings but most importantly and above all, it shows you seriously care about the safety of your guests.



*A villa owner in Fuerteventura recently reported an increase of almost 160% on his annual bookings (2009) following the installation of a fence; this additional income ensured the fence easily paid for itself in just one season.


*One of our installations at a villa in Estepona, generated 5 additional bookings in less than a few months of the fence being installed;  the guests booked because the pool was equipped with a certified pool fence.


*Additionally, one of our most recent installations in 2014 was for a family rental holiday villa in the Marbella area -  several days following the villa  being advertised as baby and child friendly, the owner received two additional bookings purely on the strength that the pool was baby and toddler secure!


Investing in a pool safety barrier keep babies, children, pets, dogs and cats safe. 

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