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Pool Safety at Home

The Facts


Children are naturally drawn to water.

It can take less than 2 minutes for a child to drown. 


You only need turn your back for a moment for a tragedy to occur. 

The media has a tendency to imply that these terrible accidents happen

when parents have been irresponsible;




No parent can watch a child every single moment but these accidents can

and do happen in mere seconds; the outcome can be devastating.


Installing a pool safety fence gives you and your guests peace of mind. 


Quite simply, if a child can not get near to a pool, they can enter the pool.  

As a pool owner, it is essential to provide a safe environment for your little ones and also pets.  

Dogs and cats need protection too!


What types of system are available?


Fence systems can be removable or static and constructed from mesh,

glass/stainless steel, plexiglass or steel. 

We also can supply and install safety covers,

however the safest method is to install a fence, barrier or balustrade


A pool fence removes the worry;you do not need to concern yourself with replacement batteries for your safety alarm or struggle to fit awkward covers or, forget to press the remote control on your automatic pool cover!!


However, please remember, there is NEVER any substitution for parental supervision and common sense. 

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