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Heating & Ventilation Solutions


Free Solar Ambient Heating & Ventilation


Compact & Sleek Solar Hot Air Panels


Costs zero to run!!
































What can a Solar Air Panel do for you?


*Save massive amounts on your Heating bills -

dry warm air is cheaper to heat than humid air which holds moisture..


Dramatically Reduces ;

  • Excess Moisture & Condensation!

  • No more condensation on windows

  • No damp clothes, shoes, bed clothes, curtains, blinds etc.. 


 Eradicates Harmful Damp & Mould;

  • A healthier environment for you and your family

  • Mould is extremely dangerous!


Dehumidifies your home;

  • No Costly dehumidifiers to buy or rent or run


*Limits internal Damage & Saves on Re-Decoration costs!




Our Solar Hot Air Panels are suitable for holiday homes, family dwellings,

townhouses, apartments, villas, work-shops, garages, cellars, storerooms, 

hotels, guest houses, caravans, motorhomes, annexes, offices, factories and

even boats!..


  • No running costs EVER 

  • No Moving Parts(apart from a solar fan)

  • ZERO Maintenance Costs

  • No batteries to replace


A Solar Panel Air Collector will pay for itself (on average) in just 12-18 months, offering you an incredibly fast return on your investment! *

*depending on your property and current heating costs





















Sleek Design

Sleek Design

Our Solar Hot air Panels are unobtrusive and completely free to run!

Create a Healthy Home

Create a Healthy Home

Why suffer damp and mould when you can install a solar hot air panel that will reduce moisture in your home and provide a healthy environment? And completely free to run!



The internal view of the installation of a solar hot air panel - also shown with thermometer - discrete duct forces warm, dry air into your home..

Mildew and Mould

Mildew and Mould

Mould is harmful to your health

Solar Hot Air Panel

Solar Hot Air Panel

Heat your home more efficiently; save money on your heating bills..







Footprint absorber 0.70 sq.metre

Room Coverage 150 cubic metres

External Width 66cm

External Height 105cm

€799 including Basic Fitting & IVA



Solar Venti - perfect solar options to reduce damp and mould and humidity Alhaurin El Grande
 Solar Venti - perfect solar options to reduce damp and mould and humidity  and Marbella Costa del Sol

Special Offer 2019!  

Combat Mould and Damp Now!



Solar Venti - perfect solar options to reduce damp and mould and humidity  Estepona Manilva


How the panels work;



  • The panels should be mounted on a south/south west/south east facing wall to gain maximum efficiency.

  • A 100 mm tube allows pre-heated air to be transmitted into your property. 

  • The panels collect the heat from the sun and we will only recommend installation if the conditions/orientations are suitable.

  • The panels are then hung onto an external wall where the collector takes in  air and heats this air and transmits into your property.

  • Please note, the maximum ducted length is 1.5 metres. 

  • Each panel is equipped with a thermostat to control the temperature which can be turned off during the the summer.

  • Solar Hot Air panels will not work when it´s dark or when it is very, very overcast. However as soon as the sun seeps through, the panels will immediately "kick in” providing warm dry, healthy air which will penetrate your home.

  • Our most recent live demonstration delivered temperatures to 60 degrees with our XL27 model!

  • Dry air is cheaper to heat than water logged air thus effecting significant savings on your energy bills.


12 Reasons why you should 

Install a Solar Air Panel!



  • Dramatically reduces your energy bills by up to 70% - maybe even more in a milder Autumn/Winter!

  • Completely  Solar Powered

  • No mains connections

  • Zero running & maintenance costs

  • Discrete vent inside the house

  • Eradicates harmful mould & odours

  • Heats air to 55 degrees from an outdoor temp. of just 0.9 degrees

  • Offers up to 85 cubic metres - 200 cubic metres of hot air per/hr

  • Sleek, discrete and contemporary design

  • Simple & straightforward to install

  • Prices for units from just €599

  • Installation  from just €90!








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