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Advasol offers both solar pool heating and air source heat pump systems to extend your swimming period from May-October or provide year round swimming options.


Pool Heating using Heat Pumps for Year round Swimming or Extended Season - May-Oct.


We only install quality units such as  Astral, Calorex, Duratech, Fairland, Garden Pac or can design solar systems (Soladur/Solahart/Heliocol)  to extend your swimming season. 

We also offer a range of budget units, highly efficient and with a 2 year warranty with 5 year warranty on the heat exchanger.



The majority of heat pumps available will offer a COP of around 5-7, however our heat pumps are capable of delivering up to 16.2! The higher the COP, the lower the running costs!  Also equipped with the latest in Inverter Technology lowering running costs even further!


This means that per 1 kW of electricity consumed, you regain up to 15 kW of heat free of charge to power the unit.

Due to the high return, it is an energy-efficient solution to enjoy a pleasant swimming pool temperature all year round. The surface area of the pool and the water volume which needs to be heated will determine the size of your heat pump.  Also it is important to take into account the positioning with respect to the sun, wind exposure and a pool cover installed, being essential to retain heat and limit evaporation.


Always install your heat pump outside so that the air extraction flows freely.  It is possible to install a heat pump in a partially enclosed area, however, it is important to ensure their is adequate ventilation so as not to reduce efficiency.

Also, many of our models can be operated from an APP on your phone meaning you can ensure your heater is ready for use without needing to physically be at your property or relying on your gardener to switch it on!


Installing a pool heating system will ensure you maximise the benefit of owning your pool.  If you rent your property as a holiday let/rental, we have found many of our clients have increased winter bookings dramatically by offering a pool heating option (sometimes chargeable daily) to their guests thus improving covering the cost easily of the installation and with a healthy return thereafter on their investment.


POOL HEATING FROM €2999.95 +IVA, up to 8M X 4M pool size.  Supplied & Installed  (extended swimming used with cover)

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SOLAR POOL HEATING FROM €2999.95 +IVA, up to 8M X 4M pool size.  Supplied & Installed  (extended swimming used with cover)

Control you Pool Heating by Phone APP
Commercial Heaters for Large Residential Pools, Urbanizations,
Public & Community Pools
Commercial heat pumps for Large Pools

Commercial heat pumps for Large Pools

Full Inverter Technology, High Efficiency, (COPS) Provides Year Round Swimming

Astral Optima Range

Astral Optima Range

Powerful heat pumps for large domestic or commercial pools, heating/cooling From Top Quality Manufacturer Astral - Brand New for 2015!


Air Source Heat Pumps


How do they Work?

Air Source Heat Pumps extract heat from the surrounding air. 

Heat Pumps are an environmentally friendly method of heating your pool.

Operating in a similar way to your refrigerator or air conditioner (only in reverse)  

they extract the latent heat from the air and transfer this heat to the pool water.


Air Source Heat Pumps tend to operate more efficiently at steady warmer air temperatures’. 

It is possible for an air source heat pump however to extract heat from air at temperatures as low as minus 15°C.


A pool cover is recommended for use with your air source pool heater - this will ensure greater heater efficiency, limit water loss and evaporation and save money on chemicals.  A pool heater, on average will cost around 2 euros per day to run for a standard 8m x 4m pool.  Please note, however, that it is quite a complicated equation to provide an accurate cost per day as changes in ambient temperature, wind levels, electricity prices can affect the average daily cost.

Efficiency & Running Costs?


  • One of the key advantages of an Air Source Heat Pump is that it is capable of delivering

       much greater energy than it consumes; thus making heat pumps more efficient and cost

       effective compared to other hot water systems. 

  • In  other words for every euro of electricity consumed, your heat pump from

       Advasol can produce up to 16.2kW of electricity free of charge.

  • Our budget range can even produce up to 10kW´s free of charge during the summer months!

  • It is very difficult to calculate exactly how much a pool heater costs to run.

  • The reason being there are so many variables which can effect it´s efficiency such as;  altitude, ambient temperature, positioning, it´s COP, electricity prices and if the pool is equipped with a quality thermal cover. 

  • A good solar cover will also limit heat loss, reduce evaporation and retain heat etc. 

  • If you choose to install one of our pool heaters which can be controlled from your SMART phone, then forgetting to turn off your heater once you leave your property, makes high unnecessary electricity bills a thing of the past!


  • Our heaters are also equipped with the latest full Inverter technology.  

  • Full-inverter technology makes the pool heat pump capable of halving its running cost

       and is also 10 times quieter based on AVERAGE performance.  

  • When you are ready to heat your pool, the Full-inverter pool heat pump will operate at

       100% capacity to heat up the pool in the first day or so.

  • After that, the Full-inverter HP runs at AVERAGE 50% capacity to maintain the desired pool temperature thus reducing further the cost to heat your pool.

  • Normally, the pool temperature drops 0.5~1.5℃ daily, 50% capacity of a Full-inverter heat pump is sufficient to heat up the pool by 1.5~2.2℃ in 15 hours with a correctly sized model. 

  • Meanwhile, the AVERAGE sound pressure of a Full-inverter HP is 45.8 dB(A) at 1metre, which is 10 times quieter than a traditional On/Off heater ensuring your bathing time is enjoyed without a noisy machine operating in the background!


Sizing your pool heater?


  • One of the most common occurrences we come across is when pool heaters have been recommended or installed by others and undersized for our client´s pool heating requirements.  

  • Whilst the purchase price of lower consumption units may be slightly lower on purchase, the running costs will be a lot higher as the heater needs to work harder for longer to maintain the desired temperature. 

  • Therefore the cost of running the heater will be greater.  

  • We will be delighted to advise on the correct pool heater size based upon your needs ie; year round or extended swimming period (May- October).  

  • In order to correctly size you heat pump, we establish the total cubic metres of water to be heated. We then we assess your requirements, ie; if you require year-round heating or seasonal - May-Oct. 

  • We then consider the aspect of your pool and it´s orientation and take into consideration the pipework required so calculate potential heat losses.  

  • In the case of heating Overflow / Infinity pools, special consideration needs to be given when sizing to meet your heating requirements.




Solar Pool Heating - Suitable for Extended Swimming May-Oct







How does it  work?

Solar powered systems are a completely free way to heat your pool.


Most solar pool heating systems include the following:

  • A solar collector -- the device through which pool water is circulated to be heated by the sun

  • A filter which removes debris before water is pumped through the collector

  • A pump which circulates water through the filter and collector and back to the pool

  • A flow control valve - either an automatic or manual device that diverts pool water through the solar collector.

Pool water is pumped through the filter and then through the solar collector(s), where it is heated before it is returned to the pool. In warmer climates, the collector(s) can also be used to cool the pool during peak summer months by circulating the water through the collector(s) at night.


Some systems include sensors and an automatic or manual valve to divert water through the collector(s) when the collector temperature is sufficiently greater than the pool temperature. When the collector temperature is similar to the pool temperature, filtered water simply bypasses the collector(s) and is returned to the pool.

A pool cover is highly recommended when the pool is not in use.


Ideal for extended swimming period only - not recommended if a reliable source of heat is required for year round swimming

However, it is unlikely that a solar pool heating system will be efficient enough during the late Autumn and Winter, early Spring months to adequately heat your pool year round.  Whilst completely free to run, during the last few years on the Costa-del-Sol we have experienced inclement weather and we only recommend this system for extended swimming.


Technology & aesthetics

Solar panels positioned on a roof are vulnerable to high winds and are prone to leakage, however recent developments in manufacturing now alleviate the leakage problem by offering a flexible style panel.  Additionally, advancements now allow the solar panels to be offered in a range of colours such as terracotta to match with your roof and therefore more aesthetically pleasing.  Please note, in the case of terracotta coloured solar panels, the efficiency is not quite as high as a black panel due to reduced absorption because of colour.























Solar Pool Heating 
Heliocol Coloured Solar Panels

Heliocol Coloured Solar Panels

Available in three colours, black, terracotta and grey.

Quality Solar Pool Heating

Quality Solar Pool Heating

Heliocol Pool Heating

Heliocol Pool Heating

Various colourways to disguise the ssystem when roof mounted.

Heliocol Solar Pool Heating

Heliocol Solar Pool Heating

Solar mats to match your roof! High performance solar mats can be mounted on roof or frame work.



Excellent value range of solar pool kits

Solar pool Heating


The Benefits;-


Much cheaper than a heat pump system to maintain and run. Once your Solapool solar pool system is installed, it is virtually free to run, relatively maintenance free, but only will really provide extended swimming during in the summer months.


  • Swim for up to 9 months of the year - April until October!

  • Harness the power of the sun, it´s FREE!

  • Excellent value - send us the dimensions of your pool..

  • Swim from April until October

  • Constructed from black polypropylene or colour ways available from Heliocol

  • 50% cheaper than conventional flat plate collectors

  • Optimal performance at low outdoor temperatures from 15 degrees

  • Simple and very efficient

  • 8 x 4 metre solar pool kits supplied and installed from just €2995 plus IVA

  • DIY incl. delivery and basic installation advice from just €2250 plus IVA 


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