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Swimming Pool Heaters, Spain



Advasol offers both solar pool heating and air source heat pump systems to extend your swimming period from May-October or provide year round swimming options.


Pool Heating - Heat Pumps for Year round Swimming or Extended Season - May-Oct.


We only install quality units such as  Astral, Calorex, Duratech, Fairland, Garden Pac or able to design solar systems (Soladur/Solahart/Heliocol)  to extend your swimming season. 

We also offer a range of budget units, highly efficient and with a 2 year warranty with 5 year warranty on the heat exchanger.



The majority of heat pumps available will offer a COP of around 5-7, however our heat pumps are capable of delivering up to 16.2! The higher the COP, the lower the running costs. Also equipped with the latest Inverter Technology with Turbo and Smart mode thus lowering costs even further to heat your pool year round.


This means that per 1 kW of electricity consumed, you regain up to 15 kW of heat free of charge to power the unit.

Due to the high return, it is an energy-efficient solution to enjoy a pleasant swimming pool temperature all year round. The surface area of the pool and the water volume which needs to be heated will determine the size of your heat pump.  Also it is important to take into account the positioning with respect to the sun, wind exposure and a pool cover installed, being essential to retain heat and limit evaporation.


Always install your heat pump outside so that the air extraction flows freely.  It is possible to install a heat pump in a partially enclosed area, however, it is important to ensure there is adequate ventilation so as not to reduce efficiency.

Also, many of our models can be operated from an APP on your phone meaning you can ensure your heater is ready for use without needing to physically be at your property or relying on your gardener to switch it on!


Installing a pool heating system will ensure you maximise the benefit of owning your pool.  If you rent your property as a holiday let/rental, we have found many of our clients have increased winter bookings dramatically by offering a pool heating option (sometimes chargeable daily) to their guests thus improving covering the cost easily of the installation and with a healthy return thereafter on their investment.

Turbo and Smart mode new heat pumps!  In Turbo mode the unit will step and up and  heat your pool very quickly.  In Smart mode, the unit will take an economical approach and maintain the pool temperature economically.


POOL HEATING FROM €3495.95 +IVA, up to 8M X 4M pool size.  Supplied & Installed  (extended swimming used with cover)

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Control you Pool Heating by Phone APP
Commercial Heaters for Large Residential Pools, Urbanizations,
Public & Community Pools

From €13,995 plus IVA for pools up to 140 plus cubic metres.  
Heliocol Coloured Solar Panels

Heliocol Coloured Solar Panels

Available in three colours, black, terracotta and grey.

Quality Solar Pool Heating

Quality Solar Pool Heating

Heliocol Pool Heating

Heliocol Pool Heating

Various colourways to disguise the ssystem when roof mounted.

Heliocol Solar Pool Heating

Heliocol Solar Pool Heating

Solar mats to match your roof! High performance solar mats can be mounted on roof or frame work.



Excellent value range of solar pool kits

Solar pool Heating


The Benefits;-


Once your  solar pool system is installed, it is virtually free to run, relatively maintenance free, but only will really provide extended swimming during in the summer months.


  • Swim for up to 6 months of the year 

  • Harness the power of the sun, it´s FREE!

  • Excellent value - send us the dimensions of your pool..

  • Swim from May - October (with optimal weather conditions)

  • Constructed from black polypropylene or colour ways available from Heliocol

  • 50% cheaper than conventional flat plate collectors

  • Optimal performance at low outdoor temperatures from 15 degrees

  • Simple and very efficient.


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