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ADVASOL brings to you the very latest technology in Solar Pool Covers..

Don’t buy old technology!  

Insist on the Ultra New  Triple Cell® Solar Pool Blanket

As we say here, “everything else is just bubble-wrap!”

Latest solar pool covers.  Installed or supply only, Estepona, Mijas, Marbella, Sotogrande


Here's how it works...BUBBLE but with TRIPLE CELL®

  • 1 Triple Cell® is = to 3 standard round bubbles. The more contact with the water = better heating, better insulation and the pool stays warmer for longer…that’s Elite Triple Cell®

  • With a Traditional Bubble blanket, performance is reduced due to the shaped “dead zone” between the bubbles not being in contact with the water

  • Our cover manufacturer lead the world in pool blanket technology, made in Australia and exported to the world.  Created and designed for the harshest of conditions, this makes the new Triple Cell cover ideal for the Spanish heat and coastal winds during the winter. *Please note the manufacturer´s warranty for Triple Cell in Spain in 2 years.  Please note, the roller in ground is not available in the EU:

Triple Cell® World Leading Technology in Pool Blankets

  • Performance - large purpose designed solar cells provide greater heat generation and insulation

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia, proven in the world’s harshest conditions

  • Easier to operate, easier to wind, easier on the eye

  • 610 Micron* (a micron is a unit of length equal to one millionth of a metre, used in many technological and scientific fields)  This means our Triple Cell cover is stronger and more durable.  Easy to manage with the a suitable roller.






The Ultra New Triple Cell® Solar Pool Blanket Makes Others Obsolete

Triple Cell® has evolved over a ‘25 years and has now become a reality available from Advasol... thanks to the manufacturer´s vision and is one of the world’s best performing pool cover available today.

  • Triple Cell® is the first purpose designed and manufactured pool blanket... It breaks away from the traditional ‘bubble wrap’ style.

  • Triple Cell® goes ‘Solar’ incorporates a solar cell that acts as a collector of energy. This energy is transformed to heat the water better.

  • Triple Cell® provides better all-round insulating performance due to its greater still “air zone”. Its unique cell design also offers more protection from chlorine attack and harmful UV rays.

  • Triple Cell® is thicker… UP TO 60% thicker ON THE BASE

  • The manufacturing process of Triple Cell® ensures a more uniform thickness at the side, top and base of the cell… Unlike bubble, where the thickness can be inconsistent with less life expectancy. Elite Triple Cell® will have a long happy life.

  • Triple Cell® lays flatter on the pool surface and rolls up easier over header courses plus automatic cleaners work better.

  • Elite Saltsafe® & Chlorsafe® technology is incorporated in the ultra-new Elite Triple Cell® Solar Thermal Pool Blanket. A Longer Life & Better Performance

Triple Cell solar pool cover. Warms your pool between 4-8 degrees in good conditions.  Retains heat, saves on chemical usage,
Available in Spain from Advasol Solutions.  Triple Cell Solar pool covers. Supply only installed. Get a price now!  Cheap

Swimming Pool Covers & Rollers


Advasol offers a range of pool covers and rollers to help save you money, reduce pool debris, warm your pool and even safety covers to keep little ones and pets safe!.

We are authorised suppliers of 'Loop-Loc' safety covers, 'Heatsavr' liquid covers, IASO & SCP Pool Covers and our European manufactured Ocea automatic, safety slatted pool covers. 

We can supply and fit to suit most budgets.

Cheap pool solar covers, Estepona, Marbella, Mijas, Sotogrande


Why do I need a cover?
  • Saves energy, reduces chemical usage, reduces evapouration and you save a lot of money!

  • Heating your pool without a cover is akin to turning on the central heating and opening all the windows and doors in your home at the same time!

  • Energy consumption can be reduced by as much as 80 %,  gives you a comfortable water temperature 

  • Will ensure your pool heater runs to optimum efficiency reducing your electricty bills!

  • We also supply and install pool safety covers that are full certified to NFP90308 standard 

  • A safety cover does not replace parental supervision.


Why do I need a roller?

  • Without a roller, regardless of pool size, any cover can be extremely cumbersome to remove.

  • Rollers available for all pool sizes, for domestic and commercial pools

  • Can be bolted to the ground,  or equipped with wheels for full mobility

  • In the case of automatic slatted pool covers, the cover is fixed to the roller as one unit which can be positioned inside the pool as a submerged pool cover or placed above ground and operated by remote control or key switch.  Also available with solar slats to help heat your pool and/or a solar panel for cost free operation. 


solar pool cover 400 micron 500 micron spain
solar pool cover 400 micron 500 micron spain with pool roller
how to save money with a pool cover spain
Solar Pool Covers
Optional Marine Stiched Edging

Optional Marine Stiched Edging

Protective UV Cover

Protective UV Cover

Pool Cover of 87 square metres!

Pool Cover of 87 square metres!

Strongest Solar cover

Strongest Solar cover

600 micron - suitable for residential and community pools...

600 micron solar pool cover

600 micron solar pool cover

Professionally Fitted

Professionally Fitted

Suitable for most pool shapes..

One of the highest quality solar covers on the market..

Best pool company in Malaga, Estepona, Mijas, Sotogrande, Estepona
  • Saves up to 10,000 litres of water a month in an average pool 

  • Warms your pool – free – by up to 8ºC – giving you more swimming time 

  • Help keep out leaves and dirt 

  • Cut salt and chemical use by up to 50% 

  • Cut evaporation by 97%

  • Reduces pool heating costs 

  • 2 years pro-rata warranty

  • Suitable for every pool and spa

  • Extremely strong - 600 micron 

  • Suitable for most pool shapes and sizes

  • Larger pools will require a commercial roller due to weight of cover

  • Cheaper bubble covers weaken over time and become ineffective

A solar Cover is not a safety cover -

we also offer a full range of traditional budget covers in 300 and 400 micron - please enquire.








Heatsavr "Liquid" Pool Blanket

HEATSAVR™   Pool Blanket


Download brochure


Heatsavr is a patented product developed over 12 years ago by Flexible Solutions of Canada, an AMEX quoted company which is in the forefront of evaporation control technology.Heatsavr is a bio-degradable liquid, which forms a transparent monomolecular layer over the surface of a swimming pool whenever it is calm. This layer significantly reduces evaporation, which not only saves on water heating but with indoor pools can reduce the cost of humidity control and air heating requirements. An automatic dosing system ensures that the correct dose of Heatsavr is added to the pool at the same time each day.


  • Proven Energy savings up to 50%

  • Transparent More aesthetically acceptable than a conventional cover

  • No unsightly roller

  • Reduces humidity on indoor pools

  • Far more convenient, simpler and easier to use than a conventional cover

  • Greater flexibility;  works whenever the pool surface is calm 24 hours per day

  • Automatic dosing ensures correct and reliable application

  • Fully and independently tested for Safety Non-Toxic and Biodegradable

  • Undetectable by pool users tasteless, odourless, no residue on hair or clothing

  • Saves water otherwise lost by evaporation  

Automatic Slatted Pool Covers

The best swimming pool automatic safety cover for your home or rental villa.. 



Approved by the Norm NF P 90-308 being homologated in France by the ‘Laboratoire Pourquery Lyon'.


We offer 2 ranges of slatted safety covers

( Above-ground and Submerged ) both presenting the following benefits:


  • Protection against involuntary falls and possible drowning

  • Protection against leaves and debris

  • Energy saving (thermal insulation)

  • Chemical and water saving (reduces evaporation)

  • Maintains pool temperature temperature

  • Choice of the slats' colour (4 possible colours)

  • Comfort / Ease of use

  • Reduced maintenance

  • Easy installation (Above Ground Models)

  • Pleasant and aesthetically pleasing

  • Solar above ground model available for no-cost operation

  • Submerged covers can be retro-fit to existing pools

  • Uninterrupted view of the pool area

  • Optional remote controls 


Certified to NFP90-308 - suitable for preventing access to children under the age of 5 years of age.

Installation by Advasol.

Installation by Advasol.

Outstanding installation of pool heating and highest quality automatic pool cover, Marbella. The cover is operated by remote control and submerged inside the pool. The slats are manufactured from the highest quality polycarbonate material and have solar properties to help heat the pool. Installation, Advasol Solutions.

Pool Covers Indoor Pools and Irregular Shapes

Pool Covers Indoor Pools and Irregular Shapes

Our indoor covers can be manufactured to any shape - in this case the cover has the axis to the centre of the pool and makes a dramatic statement when opening/closing

Slatted Pool Cover

Slatted Pool Cover

Available in a range of colours to compliment your pool area. We can manufacture your cover to take account of roman end pools, steps etc..

Above Ground Automatic Pool Cover

Above Ground Automatic Pool Cover

Our above ground models can be operated manually or with remote control

Under Water Automatic Pool Cover

Under Water Automatic Pool Cover

Can be specially shaped for pools with a Roman end or curved..

Polycarbonate, PVC or Solar Slats

Polycarbonate, PVC or Solar Slats

A wide range of colours of available including PVC, Polycarbonate and Solar Slats that will help heat your pool.

Safety Hook Kit Pool Cover

Safety Hook Kit Pool Cover

Optional Safety Hook Kit

Automatic Pool over with Bench

Automatic Pool over with Bench

Sits pool side in boxed housing, operated with motor powered by an integrated solar panel or with electric feed.

Submerged Automatic Pool Cover

Submerged Automatic Pool Cover

Submerged in pool..

Remote control Option

Remote control Option

Our covers may be operated with a remote control option for ease of use

Solar Panel Option

Solar Panel Option

Why not equip your cover with a solar panel for completely free automatic operation!


plus  FITTING, + IVA 


(6M X 3M)

"Loop-Loc" Safety Covers

Meet "BUBBLES" The Elephant!



Safety Pool Covers  - Loop-Loc


Protect Your Family, guests and pets with the One Pool Cover that passed the "Bubbles the Elephant" test!


You'll probably never need a pool cover strong enough to support the weight of "Bubbles," the African elephant seen here. But imagine how safe you'll feel owning the only pool cover that's proven it can: the one and only LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Cover!


The Highest Quality Materials!


Built super-strong utilizing only the highest quality materials and workmanship, and securely anchored into the deck, LOOP-LOC puts an unbreakable "lock" on your pool to protect your family.


And Loop-Loc's exclusive Computer Aided Design assures a perfect, custom fit for any shape or size pool.


A LOOP-LOC always stays tight, clean and beautiful on your pool.

Our rollers do not bow!  Best quality pool rollers, Estepona, Marbella, Mijas, Sotogrande
Pool companies in Malaga, Estepona, Mijas, Sotogrande, San roque pool heating, covers, pool safety
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