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AstralPool Heat II Heat Pump

  • AstralPool Heat II Air/Water heat pump for heating the pool up to 100 m3.
  • Extends the bathing season or provides year round swimming , taking advantage of free calories from the outside air (80% of its energy comes from the environment).
  • Wireless remote control by radiofrequency that allows total control of the equipment.
  • Complete range available in basic or reversible versions (also with cooling capacity) and in single-phase or three-phase models.
  • New revision compatible with Fluidra Connect (ModBus communications protocol).


AstralPool Heat II

Features & Benefits

  • Strong  and  light  design  in  ABS,  UV sun - radiation resistant casing.
  • High performance evaporation battery made of copper and aluminium fins, suitable for corrosive environments and costal locations.
  • Axial fan with direct coupling of low noise level.
  • Compressor SCroll.
  • Titanium condenser made with PVC ca- sing and titanium G2 coil. Granted against corrosion. It includes winterizing drain.
  • Refrigerant gas r-407-C. (Ecological).
  • Nitrogenous, dehydrated and deoxidized copper refrigerating circuit.
  • Thermostatic expansion valve with external regulation.
  • Pressure switch for high and low pressure.
  • Flow switch for water flow control and regulation, external pressure gauge to control condensation.
  • Defrost in two versions for all models: draught diverter and reverse cycle.
  • Control of filtration system with voltage free contact and timer.
  • Electrical protections: control fuse and automatic power switch in single-phase machines and automatic control and power switch in three-phase machines.
  • Control panel easy to use, with display of current and set temperatures, alarm messages, messages of information (delays, timer, defrost,); Multilingual; remote control included.
  • EOM system to optimize the energy consumption.
  • ModBus included.
  • Optional: pool+spa system to heat 2 independent pools


Sizing your Heat Pump / Pool Heater

  • Calculate the approximate volume in cubic metres of your pool (Length x Width x Depth) 

The average depth of a pool is generally 1.5 metres.

  • Decide if you want to extend your swimming period (May – October) or prefer a year round swimming option to the make the most of your investment. (Please note, if year round swimming is required, please choose the next model up from the recommended sizing chart below)
  • Establish if your electricity supply is single or three phase.  
  • Choose a basic model (heating only) or the reversible model which will lower and cool the water temperature in addition to raising it.


  • Delivery - Offloading is to the roadside next to the address supplied.  We recommend you have adequate equipment/manpower at time of delivery in order to relocate the unit to your desired location.

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