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Our solar thermal blankets float on the water, without fixings and remains embedded in the interior of the pool.

They are very easy to handle due to their light weight. A roller facilitates its handling and storage.


  • The insulating quality prevents heat loss. Solar types, can increase the water temperature extending the swimming season in outdoor pools during the summer months.
  • Best suited for heated pools due to its important energy savings. 
  • Floating covers help to protect your pool from debris and insects
  • Reduces chemical and salt usage 
  • Saves water through reduced evapouration

SOLAR BUBBLE COVER - Features & Benefits


  • Easily cut to fit the exact dimensions of your pool. For example if your pool is 6 x 3 m, you will only have to trim the blanket 7m x 3m blanket to adapt it.
  • Easily adapated to take account of roman stairs, ladders etc.
  • Includes ribs and eyelets on one side to facilitate connection to the roller (not included).
  • 400 micron thickness
  • Material is a clear semitransparent blue shade with anti-UV treatment.
  • One of the great advantages of buying a precut cover is their shorter delivery time compared to a custom made solar cover.


How do I install a solar pool cover?


The side with the bubbles should be in contact with the water in order to ensure the insulation properties of the cover.  

The visible side without the bubbles is the side that has been treated with the anti-UV protection.

  • Important: The thermal blanket of bubbles is intended for placement at night. During the day, we recommend rolling it up and covering the the roller with a cover to limit sun damage which will help extend the life of your cover. 


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