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General Construction Services 


Advasol Solutions provide general building, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, tiling,

and underpinning and services.

Our experienced team will bring your projects to life in a professional way.


We also work with a very innovative Architectural practice (English/Spanish speaking) The team

are specialists in residential and commercial projects providing full projects, licensing serevices etc as well as having  specialist

knowledge in legalisation of land/buildings etc.


We are able to restructure any type of apartment, flat, villa, finca or commercial building ensuring works are completed on time and

within budget. 


Our ultimate ambition is your complete satisfaction which is why much of work comes via recommendations from our existing clients.

We offer customers the possibility of seeing our previous project portfolio accompanied with real, verifiable customer feedback


If you are based outside of Spain, we ensure you receive regular project updates together with pictures and updated schedule of works.


Reliable, quality workmanship, at the best price.....











































Terrace, Patio, Indoor & Outdoor Tiling, Plumbing & Electrical Works, Doors, Windows, Security Rejas, Metalwork, Fences, Folding Doors & Bi-Folding Doors, Glass Balustrades, Glass Roofs. General Building, Plastering, Painting including Retaining Walls, Gutters, Roofing, Paths & Driveways, Stamped Concrete & Creative Outdoor Living Solutions



Building Licenses in Andalucía, Spain

Building Permits

A licencia (building permit) must be obtained before the construction of any building or renovation can start.

Irrespective of whether the structure is to be used as a dwelling, or whether or not it has foundations, a license is required. This same permit is compulsory for any work carried out to an existing structure where this work would; change the usage, exterior appearance, modify the volume, or where extra floors are to be created.

There are two types of licenses:

  • Permit for minor works: walls, terraces and barbecues etc..

  • Permit for major works: new buildings, alterations, removations and demolitions.


To obtain a building permit for minor works, you need simply request a "licencia de obra menor" at your Town Hall. Normally this should include a small description of the work to be undertaken and an estimation of the costs. This so that taxes can be calculated. The tax is paid at the end of the project and is normally calculated at around 3% to 6% of the construction cost.


To obtain a building permit for major works you will need:

  • Technical project (proyecto) drawn up by an architect registered in the Spanish School of Architecture

  • A technical architect (aparejador), normally selected by the architect. The technical architect is the site manager in official control of the building site

  • A builder

All three of these professionals have to sign the application.   


We work with a young and innovative Architecural team who can organise licenses, project design in 3-D (if required) and full architectural drawings submitted to Town Hall / School of Architects together with full project management.  Additionally, they are specialists in legalisation of property/land in Malaga, Cadiz and Seville.

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